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North by North Shore (

We produce this bi-annual digital media “learning laboratory” event series, aided by a faculty of expert practitioners who combine practical, tactical case study with field observation of digital media success among their clients. It’s a a fun, engaging, practical way to learn how to leverage digital tools for customer success.  Visit the site for detailed agenda, speaker bio, sign up for updates, and learn how to qualify for discounts.

Keynote Presentations and Workshops

We deliver keynote presentations and workshops by invitation, focused on modern marketing topics.  A few workshop slideshows are available on our SlideShare site, like:

We also often embed relevant workshop slide decks in companion blog articles on this site.  Maybe you should subscribe?

Want more than just slideshows?  On our YouTube site, we will begin compiling videos.  For starters, here is a recent public speaking gig.  This one happens to be a public speaking competition.  Workshop videos will follow. Subscribe!

Global Strategic Management Institute

Our missions first collided over the subjects of business & environmental sustainability; governance, risk & compliance (GRC) management; and corporate social responsibility (CSR).  GSMI hosts numerous events annually worldwide to support progress on these important business and societal issues.   Attendees have raved about the caliber of the programming.  We look forward to continuing to advance these important summits and enhancing the benefits for GSMI’s expanding, influential audience.

Here are some current and past events where we have collaborated.

Recent GSMI events

Governance, Risk and Compliance Summit

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) management have become an increasingly visible aspect of every organization’s agenda, as the fluidity of world markets and the pace of change add to the complexity of managing opportunities while minimizing risk.  GSMI has become a magnet for the world’s thought leaders, and an essential forum for information exchange.  Join us!

Green Data Center conference series

These events are dedicated to improving the cost effectiveness and environmental sustainability of data centers worldwide.   Did you know your IT operation has a carbon footprint – even if you rent?   As data centers proliferate, they consume an ever larger slice of the energy pie.  Learn how your organization’s IT operation can attain a near-zero energy impact by networking with peers and leaders in this sector.

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