Webconferencing Skill Sessions

Build a Skill and Relieve Hunger

Give your essential webconferencing skills a boost from your home or office web connection while helping relieve pandemic-induced hunger through a network of participating U.S. foodbanks.

Why these skill sessions? Three reasons.  Firstly, as former schoolteachers and tech leaders we know that proficiency requires practice.  Secondly, we are guessing that if you are able to use remote working tools, you can likely afford to help others less fortunate, so we make it easy to do both.  Finally, we can’t think of a better way to help you adapt to the Next Normal than to help you fully use remote working technology, as we have found with our clients and friends.

How you Benefit

Register for a Zoom, Webex or GoToMeeting training session offered by us.  Join others in a fun, interactive, secure online training session.  Explore app features while honing essential business conferencing skills: Host, Moderator, Chat Manager, Presenter, etc. If you need practice on a different conferencing tool beside Webex, Zoom or GoToMeeting, use the Register page to tell us.  We’ll add it to our session calendar for you, or help you find an affordable resource.

Train your group or team.  Boost your group’s morale, productivity and proficiency by giving them skills that will pay dividends for years. Get private, focused training for your group by selecting the “TRAIN MY GROUP” action button.

How you help the hungry: your donation goes to FeedingAmerica.org

The current pandemic poses an even greater threat to an already food-insecure population. Your donation can help needy neighbors through these challenging times.  Donating to FeedingAmerica.org also enables you to direct your donation to a local foodbank near you, or anywhere you desire.  Thank you!

Space is limited.  Reserve your place on the schedule today!


If you Register but find all sessions filled, don’t worry.  We’ll answer demand by scheduling more sessions.  Your registration (above) gives you priority access to upcoming sessions before we publish the schedule update.

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