Are you?

Are you a Fan Foundry? You are, if you are focused on recurring revenue, customer lifetime value, and embracing digital, social and human channels to excel.  You are, if your online world is a low-friction network, a customer experience ecosystem, an expanding set of interconnected social, mobile and experiential touchpoints that span the arc of each customer relationship, treating each as uniquely as a thumbprint. 

Most organizations identify themselves somewhere on the journey… 

  • working together to improve customer engagement at each touchpoint 
  • measurably improving service, learning, satisfaction, reputation, loyalty and revenue
  • facilitating socially networked audiences as they express values, build loyalty and shape your brand
  • harnessing data and gathering intelligence to help you innovate, sell and serve


What’s your next challenge?  Maybe it’s one of the following.

Key Drivers

  • Technology –  it advances faster than most organizations can keep up
  • Customers – technology-enabled, influential; satisfaction and competition are each just a click away
  • Fragmentation – the array of customer channels requires a frank capability assessment
  • Resources – constrained budgets and scarce talent make your decisions more critical

The Challenge
The success of any organization requires an integration of customers, partners, communities, enabling technologies, and internal organizational systems and working groups.

How we do it: the “3 C’s”

Content – Content is still king, but Distribution is the queen, and she wears the pants.  Whether your content it is delivered to a dashboard or handset, a website or an app, micro-blog, video, webcast, event, sign, whitepaper or person, we help you cultivate stories and content that align with audiences, journeys and needs.  We work with your product and brand stewards to measurably extend reach and resonance, so your impact is greatest where it matters most.

Conversation – Listening and interacting with buyers, customers, markets, and your extended ecosystem is essential for mutual success.  Where are the influential networks and nodes?  How do people prefer to engage?  How can you engage with a human voice and create value together?  Whether you seek a full-blown global platform or simply require some engagement guidance, we are here to help.

Conversion – Data driven sales and service are in our DNA.  We have helped transform some of the world’s largest sales organizations into aligned power teams. Turning the dotted lines of engagement into a direct link to ROI often requires realignment of people, processes and technology, and possibly doing things differently.  We are expert at helping organizations tune and align those elements to measurably improve performance.

If you would like to do some free, confidential self-assessments, visit our Resources page.  Or, just give us a call. Or ask us here.  Or subscribe to our blog.  Pick any 4. Thanks for reading.
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