Clients & Friends: Enjoy these crowdsourced strategy tools.  Add your input.  Use the “Keep in touch” link (right sidebar) to get quarterly updates.  View our speaking engagements here.

Email Marketing Thought Starters Image1. Email Marketing Thought Starter

Brief: self-assess to determine your level of capability and need.

A very popular tool.

Take the live self assessment

2. Trends with Benefits: Social Media Playbook Update

Brief: strategy & case studies presented at North Shore Tech Council. Also check out our deep-dive hands-on sequel event series titled “North by Northshore“.

Read about it   •   Preview, download, share   •   Get the file


3. Sales & Marketing CRM Capability Maturity Model 

Fan Foundry Sales & Marketing Capability Maturity ModelBrief:  Assess your current capabilities.  Start the dialogue.

Read about it      Preview, download, share      Get the file


4. Sales Pipeline Best Practice Reference Chart

Click here for full file; visit Resources page for more free stuff

Brief:  Keep your deals, prospects and customers on the critical path to success.  Eliminate gaps and bottlenecks in your sales process.  Forecast more accurately.

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Get the source file


5. Are you a fanfoundry?   (3 questions) 

Brief: Got 3 minutes?  Walk through this quick assessment.
Read about it      Preview, download, share      Get the file 

6. Sales & Marketing Development Plan for the Chief Revenue Officer

Sales and Marketing Dev Plan Clickable Cover

Brief:  Plan & review progress on people, process and technology.  Covers self-assessments and KPIs for sales & marketing strategy, integrated marketing, customer engagement and service management.
Updated quarterly.
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Preview, download, share   
Get the file 

7. Sales & Marketing Alignment Topics (Chart)

Sales and Marketing Alignment topics chartBrief:  Identify mutual goals,  start conversations, improve alignment.
Read about it  •  Preview, download, share  •  Get the file

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