DossKit Dossier Builder for luxury travel markets

Luxury yacht sunsetTravel expands the mind. Except when it doesn’t.  Like, when worrying over its details. The multi-touch communication among luxury travel clients, agents and brokers, yacht crews, limo and jet services and other partners, thus deserve great precision and care. Clear communication on the details and nuances of luxury travel can greatly enhance the travel experience, influencing client satisfaction, reviews, referrals, gratuities and repeat business.  HNW clients expect reliable, savvy, concierge-quality performance. In response, we created DossKit™.

DossKit™ Delivers a Rich Dossier Experience 
Click the “Sample Dossier” button below to see an example Dossier completed by an actual Client using DossKit’s online Dossier Builder.  It neatly compiles multiple Client travel party entries into a handy 5-page report, organized for confidentiality and e-delivery to the agent, broker, client, yacht captain and other involved partners.  While Dossier Builder is designed to inject fun and collaboration into the luxury client’s travel planning process, it also helps you to faithfully meet the exacting standards of the HNW Client and, where possible, go beyond to clearly surpass expectations and creatively delight them.  We can also arrange to format Dossier data for upload to your business CRM, giving you a rich data trove for improved planning, reporting, follow-up and loyalty marketing. Select “Sample Dossier” below to view a completed example.
View sample completed Dossier
DossKit’s Dossier Builder for Clients
The online Dossier Builder makes it easy and elegant for your Client – single, couple, family or group – to collaborate online where they can share, edit and deliver a single comprehensive Dossier.  Feel free to play with it, and use any of the Comments fields to share your feedback and help us continue to improve. Thanks!  Click “Dossier Planner” below to try it yourself.
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Customize It
If you would like to tailor DossKit™ to your business, call us at +1.781.492.7638 USA East, or click the “Customize It” button and get started today.
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