DossKit: A Planning Tool for Private Clients

As a trusted partner to leading private client services, we have learned that HNW (high net worth) clients expect – and reward – reliable, discrete, personalized performance.  Those rewards can  range from referrals and positive reviews to upsales, gratuities and repeat business.  To support our clients we developed DossKit™, which has helped thousands of agents improve client engagement, all for typically less than a fraction of a percent of any service fees they assess.

DossKit™ Delivers a Rich Customized Dossier Experience 

With DossKit’s Dossier Builder, each broker, agent, concierge and advisor can now give each of their private clientss a branded online collaboration space for building a rich, customized experience.  DossKit assembles each client’s credential, itinerary, medical,  culinary, purchase, plans and ideas into a flexible tool for creating a personalized client experience.

Click the “Sample Dossier” button below to see an example completed by a client using DossKit’s included Dossier Builder.  It neatly compiles multiple-client party entries into an attractive report, organized to selectively e-share relevant portions with key partners – agent, broker, captain, pilot, chef, steward, concierge, and others.

View sample completed Dossier

Try it Yourself: A Dossier Builder for your Clients
The Dossier Builder makes it easy and elegant for your Client – single, couple, family or group – to collaborate online where they can share, edit and complete a comprehensive Dossier.  Place yourself in the client’s role and try the Dossier Builder here. Feel free to use the Comment fields to share feedback and ask questions.  No obligation or credit card is necessary.  Use the Dossier Builder button below to try it for yourself and imagine how it could improve your business.


Try Dossier Builder yourself - free


Get a Branded DossKit for your Business
Getting started is easy. DossKit brings clarity and quality to your business and, in turn, confidence and delight to your clients.  DossKit helps you gain new insights to meet the exacting standards of your clients, clearly surpass expectations, creatively impress them, and support your loyalty programming.
We can also help you integrate DossKit’s dataflow into your in-house customer data platform to improve planning, reporting follow-up and new ideas.
We have seen DossKit user-agents discover new revenue opportunities just by asking the right questions, gathering the relevant information and making a tailored, timely offer.
If you would like a branded DossKit™ solution to suit your business, call us at +1.781.492.7638 USA East, or use the “Customize It” button below to get started today.
Get a Dossier Kit for your business


OUR PRIVACY POLICY. We do not rent, sell or share data we collect for our clients.  We regularly purge, cleanse, encrypt and anonymize collected data, especially PII (Personal Identity Information), to ensure the privacy and security of our clients and their clients.

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