“It’s not information overload, it’s filter failure”.

Clay Shirky, “Here Comes Everybody”

CRM, Email, SFA, CMS – why automate, and how?

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Got a minute? Take a CRM Readiness QuizPeter Drucker is often credited with the statement that any organization needs to succeed at two things:  innovation and marketing.  We excel at both: innovation in marketing – and aligning the teams, processes and technologies that make it work.  If data is the new soil, automation & analytics are the harvesters, and Sales & Marketing are the brokerage.

  1. In a data boom, having the right resources to capture, interpret and act on the deep insights in your structured and unstructured  data is a real revenue advantage.  ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) is typically 10-30% higher for companies that harness actionable data.
  2. Loyalty is now also visible online.  By understanding and implementing the right engagement and support, you stay relevant, engage more effectively and manage that vast, vital data to inform your strategy.
  3. Expertise in marketing and sales technology and its data analytics underpinnings can keep you focused on the critical path to success.

How Fan Foundry can Help

Our success story covers a range of roles including strategic and operational marketing and sales leadership, CRM and marketing automation implementation, and mobile and social audience engagement initiatives.  Through it all, we have found that capturing real-time data to respond with relevant communications and inform decisions can spell improved revenue, competitive advantage, and customer loyalty.

Determining Your Readiness

Got a minute? Take a readiness quiz

Technology is not a solution, only an enabler.   Depending on the scope and complexity of your various audiences’ buying processes, you will need to ensure that you have (and we can help you build):

  • a rigorous buyer’s journey management process
  • content to support each phase and touchpoint of the buyer’s journey for a variety of buyer  personas and live conversations
  • the people, process and technology assets to manage data, then interpret and act on it

If you still use your databases, your CRM software and your email and marketing automation solutions mainly to run outbound email blasts (a cringe-worthy term), but don’t often use the feedback to tune your marketing, sales, product development or customer loyalty programs, you might  consider reading the Forrester Research report by Jeff Ernst titled: “B2B Marketers Must Prepare Better for Marketing Automation” (see article link below), which discusses the Marketing Automation imperative, building a “Lead-to-Revenue” process, attaining readiness, and filling in knowledge and resource gaps.

Additional resources

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If you need a strong partner to help you deliver a successful implementation,  contact us.

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