Event Production

The recent few decades have seen disruptive advancements in the ways we think, work, buy, sell and play.   Event production is no exception.  Fan Foundry leverages deep event production expertise, creative promotion, and the latest mobile, social, content and commerce solutions to invent and produce engagement experiences that attract your key audience – at the intersection of bright thinkers, ambitious doers and living examples of the next iteration of life and business.

Recent examples:  North by North Shore   •  Sustainable Network Summit

Our comprehensive Event Production capability includes:

  • Planning – topic research, concept development, branding, theme & program design;
  • Pre-event production – sponsor & vendor recruitment, site & services procurement;
  • Event programming – Content, Curriculum, Scheduling, Audience development;
  • Participant Recruitment – Speakers, Sponsors, Attendees including Analyst, Academic, Industry leaders, Government, NGO, and others;
  • Marketing – Planning, delivery and measurement of omni-channel advertising and promotion including mobile and social channels;
  • Participant communications – email, social, phone, print, media;
  • Ticketing – Advance sales including associated programming and communications;
  • Software and Services – selection, purchase, setup, licensing, operation & maintenance of ticketing, CRM, records management, email marketing, website development, Creative production, etc.;
  • Financial  – Event Financing and Financial Reporting (Accounting, A/P, A/R, Credit & Collections, vendor management etc.);
  • Staffing – recruitment, selection, training, assignment, supervision, evaluation & compensation of paid & volunteer team;
  • On-site Production – mobile-friendly program communications, facilities layout, equipment (procurement, setup, security, operation and removal), program production (scheduling, delivery & QA), attendance management (registration, ticketing, admission), host facility liaison;
  • Post-event – content development (podcast, white paper, case study, etc.), event materials distribution, financial reporting, vendor remittances, attendee communications, management review, reporting and forward planning;

If your organization needs to break through the ordinary and deliver an event that gets results, contact us.

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