Apple mobile users out-surf RIM bunch

I just reviewed  HandsetDetection’s monthly site updates on mobile web access stats, showing handset type, manufacturer/telco service, and percentage of web surfing traffic emanating from each, worldwide, by country.

This is important if you are wondering whether – and how – to format and test your company’s product and service offerings for mobile handset users, be they Twitterati or full blown cloud computing users.

Curious, I crunched the Nov 2009 and Sep 09 US data and found the following aggregate trends.

  • Apple:  45% (up from 34% in September)
  • RIM:    23% (down from 34% in September)
  • 12 others*: 32% (same as September)

* (Danger, generic, Google, HTC,  LG, Moto, Palm, Samsung, Sony, SonyEricsson, TMobile)

Upshot: Clearly, Apple just eclipsed RIM in Q4 ’09 for mobile web access via handset.

It will be interesting to see what kind of traction newcomer Google (Android) gets in the coming months.

What does this mean for mobile marketing?  How might this affect your own plans?  Comment below.


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