Boston Marathon 2013: Charity Outpaces Terror

I am among the fortunate millions who have run in, and experienced, the Boston Marathon many times before this year’s mayhem. I am sure I speak for many of those millions when I say I the Marathon represents many positive things – humanity, charity, euphoria, competition, vitality, camaraderie.  Those qualities were no less present on April 15, 2013.

Marathon Memorial
Months later: public solidarity at the Marathon finish line. Click to enlarge.

If you are troubled or injured by the Boston Marathon bombing, your suffering is very real, and you have my utmost sympathy and support.  I only hope my words can somehow help to ease your suffering, neighbor.

We heard it many times this day: “The Good outnumber the Bad, and we always will”.  In the heroism of the willing spectators who joined with medical and law enforcement officials on April 15, we proved it again and the world noticed. 

Let not the acts of a few disturbed individuals lead us into believing the world is so proportionately evil or dangerous.  It is good to be prudent but not overly intimidated by the irrational few.

Thanks for all the well-wishes pouring in worldwide.  In the marathon of life, we run side by side.

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